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A native of Miami, Florida, Sabrina moved to Orlando, Florida

in 2000 where she worked for ten years with the Orlando

Police Department. In her roles within OPD, Sabrina worked

as a Teletype Operator, Executive Assistant to the West

Patrol Unit, Property Theft Unit and Sex Crimes and Crimes

Against Children Unit and was a member of the Child

Abduction Response Team (C.A.R.T).

In 2005, Sabrina started working with victims of human trafficking. It is in this role that she found

her passion. Chairing the sub-committee of the Florida Abolitionist, she worked closely with the

Department of Children and Families (DCF), The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, The

Department of Juvenile Justice, FBI, Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation, the National Center

for Missing and Exploited Children (N.C.M.E.C), State and Local Law Enforcement. Sabrina has

been certified, in Florida, to train trainers, teachers, Law Enforcement and DCF workers about

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and how to recognize victims.

Passionate about the issues of sexual child abuse and human trafficking, the move to Atlanta

was a natural progression. With Atlanta being the hub for human trafficking, Sabrina started

immediately creating programs and establishing alliances with local officials and activists to end

human trafficking and sexual child abuse. In 2012, Sabrina started her company: My Name is

Me, LLC where her motto is “My Private Space is Not Our Secret.” With encouragement from

family and friends, Sabrina wrote her first book, entitled “My Private Space,” which tells the

story of a young girl facing the issue of molestation and the courage to not keep silent.

When asked why she wrote the book, Sabrina replied, "It started out as a poem that I wrote

back in 2005 about me and how I wished my story would have ended. The book is about a little

girl by the name of Mary Elizabeth, but you can call me M.E. Mary Elizabeth is me; this is about

how my abuse started at the age of 8.” The person that abused me started out by saying, "You

are my favorite little girl." "Let me show you how special you are." “Let me show you how I love

my favorite little girl.” "This is our secret OK?” “You have to promise not to tell anyone because

if you do, the police will take you away and your mom will be sad." Unfortunately, my story did

not end the way Mary Elizabeth's did. My abuse lasted for eight years. I had a voice, but no one

heard me. I had a voice, but no one believed me. I wrote "My Private Space" to let our children

know that they have a voice and we are listening.

In addition to being an established author and motivational speaker, Sabrina actively promotes

her book as well as the eradication of human trafficking and sexual child abuse at schools,

community events, churches and social networking opportunities. She is also the founder of

Seedlife Foundation, Inc., which is a non-profit organization that will create safe communities to

improve the lives of abused children, where they can live, play and grow without fear.

“When you know your value, no one can diminish your worth.”

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